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Worked Perfectly at First Try

Used many other resize programs and found them unsatisfactory. This one is the best by far. Ability to specify size in percentages is just fabulous.

Seems Great

So far so good. Wish I could set a default folder and size. It this is a functune it has I would love someone to tell me. It would save on sets in resizing pictures.

I Love It

I had a little trouble trying to figure it out, but after tinkering with it a few minutes, I discovered a Gem.

Still missing out

Not all of the features advertised or I had hoped for. There is not a checkbox to keep the images in the original folder like in the screenshots. I want to be able to set a max width or hight; you can only set a ratio to resize to. Also, there is no way to optimize the photo. I like that it can take a lot of photos from different places. The interface is pretty dark an clunky; it seems like the UI could be condensed and updated. I just want a simple and quick app to put photos through before I put them on my sites. This is missing some of the key features.

Great resizing tool

Needed to create 8”x8” photos for a quilt my granddaughter wants to make…worked perfectly!!

So Far So Good

I am a senior who is not tech savvy. However, I have been looking for a photo resize app so I can send smaller photos by email. I have just now experimented reducing the size of a batch (just 4) of pictures. It was much easier than I thought it would be but I need to keep experimenting so I can understand the app functions better. I don’t know if the app shows the new size somewhere before the resizing actually takes place, but that would be helpful in knowing if I selected the correct pixel (?) setting (i.e., 800 x 1200, is = ?? Kbs).

A great time-saver tool!

I really really really like this app. 79 resized, cropped and saved jpeg files, in less than a 30 seconds. I know Photoshop has actions. They're great! But Image-Resizer did what I needed in just about the time it takes Photoshop to launch!


First, it is FAST. I resized about 30 large images to 50% size (you can choose a ratio, rather than guessing the pixel count) in around 20 seconds. It took about 10 seconds to drag and drop and choose the ratio. All together 30 images in 30 seconds. Second, the quality is beautiful. Third, it is inexpensive. at $2, it does what much pricer apps do. And, last, IT IS EASY TO USE. How can you go wrong?

have not seen results yet

I am happy with it being availbile … it ask for review so yes it is easy to use so far….and a free app that if photos are nice and not distortedit will be a dream come true for me.. i will be back with results….

Almost Perfect

I would have given 4.5 stars if I could. I love that it let me convert my RAW files to jpgs to save space on non-critical RAW files. Please add 2 items to get perfection in my eyes. 1. Add an option to retain the original file date. One normally does not care about the date the file size was changed. It is a pain to restore the date with another program. 2. Add an easy way to select the destination to be the source folder. The option to “replace” the original makes good sense to save to the same folder. Keep up the great work please!


Jeez I was getting frustrated - I found this and happy town for me!

Beautiful Interface

While all of these image resizers seem to work. This is the most modern, elegant interface I’ve seen. And it tells us something about the develloper’s attention to detail. Really fast. Super slick. I am a product designer. I will use it often.

Very fast works well

This app does what you expect and very good.

I like it

First and foremost I need to start with I’m not real tech savvy. now the first one or two times i fumbled around a little but did get what i needed done. I had to read a little on how to use it that first time, but now and i dont use it everyday, it really is user friendly and makes is easy to not only resize but also change format, ( i said i wasnt real tech savvy, when i say format i mean .png , .tif , jpg , and so on) I recomend this app to anyone needing to accomplish any of these tasks.

Great App! Needs PPI!

Great resizer app with 1 major missing feature and 1 minor. PLEASE include the ability to adjust the PPI also! Would be willing to pay to update for this feature! Add that and its totally a 5 star app. As a minor request, it would be very nice to be able to batch add a watermark to all images but again, PPI first! Please?

Great little app

For less than a dollar this program is great! It works as advertised, is extremelys easy to use and is blazingly fast.

Usability Issues

The app works great in a sense that it does exactly what it needs to. It’s relatively easy to resize images quickly. Two things that really bothered me: First, for some context, I have an 11” Macbook Air — it was stupid difficult to get the app to fit my screen. When it opens, you cannot minimize the screen to show the “Next” bar at the bottom. Diagonal resize arrows would be great rather than only horizontal. I would even take vertical ones. At least throw a scroll bar on the side. Second, I am unable to tab from value to value when resizing. If I want a custom size for the H x W, after entering the desired size in H I can’t tab to W. Minor issue, but annoying. Otherwise worth it for $.99.

oh so easy

Opened quickly and easily.

Fills a Void

imac and Apple with ALL of it’s amazing features unfortunately made resizing photos much more difficult then needed…. Until I found this APP! Thank You for making this easy.

Best photo batch image reduction app

This program is a dream come true with the reports I write and email, I need small size images I send in a report so that someone can open it. You can also batch resize many photos at one time saving lots time now.


Finally an App that does what you want without having to get a Phd in IT. This is very straight forward with a very fast learning curve.

Very simple!

Incredibly simple!

Good app

This application does what it says, cleanly and simply. The interface is easy to use.

Great app!

I dowloaded this application to make some of my pictures smaller and it works so fast and easy

Exactly Perfect

Wow! I've been trying to find something like this app for a while, so i could make my my cover image on Ustream of there exact pixel size that it has to be at 2850 x 852 and this app was simple, fast, and doesn't bombard me with adds! This was perfect! Thank you! Thank You!

Simple, elegant and highly functional

I downloaded this app to make the resizing of images in a batch much quicker (over manually resizing them) and this app delivered in spades! It is very simple to learn to use and a pleasure as well. Keep the up good work team!

Great app

This application does a good job at reducing file size while retaining image quality. It works quickly as well and has the option to add suffixes or prefixes to the output file. My only issue and the thing that stops it getting 5 starts is that it does not seem to save the output settings which means that everytime you open the program you have to set the output resolution, change the destination folder and re-enter a suffix etc. This is still a great program however and definitely saves a lot of time.


This is great!! Super easy and saved me in a pinch!!

Image Resizer

Was great! Simple to use.

It’s good

It does its job and I’m very pleased with it. Love how you can change the aspect ratio and change file formats within the app. For a free app, I don’t think you can do better. Simple and easy to do what you need to and especially quick too!

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